Saturday, December 17, 2011


To spread my wings and sail 
was what I wanted to do

To reach the rooftop on high
was where I wanted to climb

To ride the balloons and soar 
was where I wanted to flee 

But I didn't realize how far away 
it was until I fell and hurt my knees

The deep blue sea winked at me,
as I pondered on my direction

Am I fated to be just a simple dreamer,
or to go forth with wind under my arms? 

I didn't know myself until I slipped, tumbled,
collapsed, knocked over, along my journey

I thought I was the greatest skipper there is,
but I learned the best of me is still becoming.

My dreams await me,  take a look up the sky 

Posted for D'verse Poets Pub:   Out the Sketchbooks hosted by Brian Miller.  Written for my 12 year old daughter.
Also written for:   Bluebells Books - Short Story Slam

I like Tera's art that I used her other drawing for this post:

picture credit:  here


  1. love how you go from the dreams of flying free to the slipping, collapsing and finding yourself through this.. i think it's often that we learn more from when we fall than when we fly...and then find our way home in the end..

  2. beautiful.
    lovely take, you fly, get hurt, and still, you sail on, and keep dreaming.

  3. nice...the best of me is still becoming...great close to this...and you know what you never know until you try and the learning that comes in that should lift you on to the next step, even if you slip...great response...

  4. Aww... those are special words of advice for your daughter. I really like:

    The deep blue sea winked at me,
    as I pondered on my direction

  5. Always keep your eyes on the sky...Heaven/Grace this was a wonderful play with the prompt. And if this was written for your daughter, I hope she cherishes it forever...but I'm stealing it too...the best is yet to come! This truly helps me believe it :) Thank you!(And enjoy the reprieve that comes with sleep overs!!!)

  6. "The deep blue sea winked at me" ... I like. :)

    ~Shawna (

  7. You are a positive person, and you will arise to even greater heights. Sometimes a person needs to stumble a bit before moving on and surpassing their wildest dreams. The best IS still becoming.

  8. Grace,
    Dreaming is one thing. But dreaming and doing something about it is progress. Getting hurt a little in the process is nature's way of creating a motivation. It shows success is the next step. Though some get there faster than others! Great verse!


  9. Whether you be a simple dreamer,the greatest skipper or whatever ...the secret is in the smiling!

  10. Sometimes all we have is our dreams and they will suffice.

  11. yes, i saw this also as dreams awaiting type of thing.

  12. Very nice, well written.
    Thank you,
    Siggi in Downeast Maine

  13. The deep blue sea winked at me,
    as I pondered on my direction....
    I love these lines, nice!

  14. LOVE THIS!! I can so relate. There was a time when I fell and scraped my knees but I wouldn't erase that for the world because now I know who I am. Thanks so much for sharing this!

  15. "I learned the best of me is still becoming"........awesome!

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    Lots of blessings and cheers sending your way.

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  17. I actually had read this at the time but it was on my phone and I could not get the comment thingy to work. I love this very much.


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