Sunday, April 3, 2011

The same tree, the same humanity

Since I live in a multi cultural city in Canada, I am always amaze of how different people are and yet are also alike in a lot of ways. Sure, we originally came from different countries, race and upbringing, and it is reflected in our food and clothing, and also religious faith, if any.  But once you get to know individuals and families, you discover that you share the same values, and appreciation for life and your country.    As a mom, I share the same concerns with any mom with a growing teen daughter.    As a working professional, I share the same health and family concerns like other working women.  In the broader context, I believe in freedom of expression so I sympathize with other people in other countries who want to break away from political tyranny and oppression.   It is heartening to realize that you and other individuals share the same compassion and sadness when others are hurt and suffering, and happiness, when families, teams and countries come together for peace and understanding.

Also, because I believe that despite our external differences, sometime back in ancient times, all of us are connected or related in one way or another.   If we can appreciate this, then perhaps we can be more tolerant of each other's differences and learn to co-exist more peacefully.

Do you agree that at one time, we all came from the same tree?

Picture Credit:  Luke Tscharke


  1. I completely agree that we have more things in common than we sometimes realize. I would rather focus on the things that bring us together as human beings than our differences.

  2. Lovely comment Tina.

    We also need to break away from our prejudices so we can give communication and peace a chance.


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