Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Sign post by the sea

He woke up with storm             {seeds} in his mouth 

It tasted glitttery loud as birds. Brewing 

                                                                 with <wild possibilities>. 

His eyes gleamed with excitement of moon flowers.  Whatever known can wait,

But this intangible stillness cannot 

                                                           even if his legs were shaking with vertigo

Hands trembling, he grabbed his coat.  The freezing wind recoiled & fluttered as fallen tulip 

petals.    The sky was cleaning 

               out the                     stars &          last quarter               moon.

The crucible weighed on his chest, 


                   the pouring by his hand.

                                                                                                      >>>>>       Instead

He went to sea                  in a thimble of poetry.

Credit:  “He went to sea in a thimble of poetry.”- Poet Warning, Jim Harrison

Posted for dVerse Poets Pub - Poetics:   Songs of the Unreason hosted by Linda Lee Lyberg.  Thanks for the visit and comments.


  1. Love that you managed to capture the wildness of going to sea with only a verse as lifeline and raft. Also you got the tulip there.

  2. This is exquisitely woven, Grace! You really capture the essence of the quote here. I especially love; "The sky was cleaning out the stars & last quarter moon."💝💝

  3. I like the fractured, dreamlike structure of your poem, Grace. It suits the line very well!

  4. Grace, I love the story you tell and the way you formatted the poem. It really drives home the meaning of the words. Bravo!

  5. these shattered lines remind me of the sea's flotsam and jetsam - all the things that get washed ashore for beachcombers to mull over

  6. So original, and dramatic, urgent, like a scene in a film, and the images you gave made it run so smoothly...I really ike the style you did that in, very much..

  7. As I sit here and read your poem I hear the rain outside and it is getting darker and chilly. Your words are so fitting for the mood that I feel.

  8. Love this invitation to voyage and the immrama it exults in! Seafarers heave ho!

  9. "The sky was cleaning out the stars & last quarter moon."
    Georgeous lines

    Much love...

  10. I love that first line, Grace, as well as the whimsical adventure that follows.

  11. I like how you incorporated more of Harrison's lines/phrases into your story with both urgency and wistfulness.

  12. This was a creative story poem. The opening lines were intriguing.

  13. You got the tulips, loud birds and ofc the thimble of poetry, lovely poem, I especially loved this line "The sky was cleaning
    out the stars & last quarter moon."

  14. " out the stars & last quarter moon."

    It is truly amazing how you manage to convey meaning in the spaces between your words, Grace. That's magic.

    David [ben Alexander]

  15. I like how the poem sits on the page (screen in this case) like those mortally fallen petals from the poem.

  16. A beautiful sensory poem, Grace. I could feel the freezing wind on my face.

  17. Grace, this is a work of art. Form, poetry, beautiful!!

  18. 'It tasted glittery loud as birds' - love this, so unusual and wonderfully effective. Love the whole poem.


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