Thursday, December 14, 2017

Winter Solstice

Night, a lightning.   Shovel hitting the frosty
ground. Splintering crystals into thousand mirrors.  

My eyes squint,
heavy laced with ice
searching for color  
above the walkway
laden of diamond drops-
No, No!
I am a prey 
caught in frozen web-

The moon crackles.  Crescent above skeletal   
trees.   Scattering faint its nebulous light.  

My hands are so cold   
motionless, dead leaves
Push, push
back the black tides
engulfing, surging
my lungs  
the guilty weight is an illusion
Breathe, breathe

The sun crows. Wearing pink & peach shades.
My eyes mist that I made it through long long night.

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Posted for dVerse Poets Pub - OpenLinkNight, hosted by Bjorn Rudberg.   We are going for a break at the poetry pub for 2 weeks.   

Wishing you all Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays !!!!  ~0~0~0~0~


  1. Whew. Not sure if that is a nightmare, or night terrors, or what but... Surreal. Nice energy, you can feel the current.

    Guilt is such a crafty thief. At some points honest, but others just trying to rob us.

    Have a great Christmas Grace.

  2. Congrats to dVerse on the release. Sometimes morning can't come quick enough indeed. Hope a great christmas is had at your pad.

  3. Oh you have captured that darkness, the way it breaks you down (almost) and only morning saves you. At first I thought it said the moon cackles which made it even eerier...

  4. This poem has a great shape, Grace, which accentuates the different focuses in each stanza: the sound of the shovel, the splintering crystals and the icy light. The crystals splintering into mirrors reminds me of The Snow Queen. My favourite lines:

    'The moon crackles. Crescent above skeletal
    trees. Scattering faint its nebulous light'.

  5. Reads like a bad dream of shoveling ice & snow, down to the frozen fingers--saved by the pink rays of dawn through your curtains, Thanks for all your hard work on 2017 dVerse Anthology; ordered 3 of them today !

  6. sometimes it's hard to know how we feel about the ice and snow - Friend o Foe? You captured that feeling well in your poem.

  7. What a fabulous poem. We had lightning just about an hour very appropriate. XXXX

  8. This is a great poem Grace, cooling for me as we are having hot weather at present. Thanks so much for including me in the anthology. I look forward to receiving my copies.

  9. What a gripping poem. May there be light at the end of the night, and may you holiday be filled with blessings and good cheer!

  10. Very well written Grace, it reads in parts like a psychic experience. I love the closing lines especially 'The sun crows. Wearing pink & peach shades.
    My eyes mist that I made it through long long night'

  11. 'The moon crackles'— a surprising image that works really well.

  12. "The sun crows. Wearing pink & peach shades." Cool expression

  13. I particularly loved the second grouping here Grace--I love the imagery and the feel of it--this just has great motion--congrats on completing the anthology--Can't wait to read it! And happy and peaceful holidays to you

  14. I love how the "moon crackles" and the "sun crows." I'm glad she made it through the "long, long night." I know the feeling! Merry Christmas to you and yours, Grace!

  15. Goodness Winter Fright
    Night Snow and Ice
    Not aT all
    Like A Dusting
    oF A Winter Wonderland
    iN North Florida Fall Days now..
    to Canada
    any now soon..hehe..
    And while i don't usually
    rate poetry this iS uNique my FriEnd..:)

  16. I love your images here, Grace. The splintered crystals, the moon that crackles. Beautiful and eerie.

  17. I really like the contrasting structures of the staves. It changes the pace, raisesthetension.

  18. 'The moon crackles' .. is such a haunting image!

  19. How vulnerable we feel in the night you describe so well. It is as if the earth has become our very enemy and caught we are in its web. And then the physical pain as we attempt an escape route.
    Love that the sun crows!
    Have the most wonderful Christmas Grace.
    Anna :o]

  20. I love the images of the moon . . . crackling crescent.
    You capture the feeling of breaking through an impossibly dark, cold time very well!

  21. Jesus! I thought you were burying a dead animal in this; I will have to read it again and is scary and surreal, but very original and different. Merry Christmas, Grace.

  22. I liked the phrase "Splintering crystals into thousand mirrors".

  23. That's quite the journey you take your reader on. Bravo!

  24. Enjoyed reading your poem on the solstice Grace. Hope you are well.

  25. The sun crows. Wearing pink & peach shades.
    My eyes mist that I made it through long long night.

    A scary night it had been and very well documented, Grace!


  26. Love this. especially this stanza
    "The moon crackles. Crescent above skeletal
    trees. Scattering faint its nebulous light. "

  27. 'Splintering crystals into a thousand mirrors' - one beautiful line of many. This poem has a surrealist feel to it, like a painting.

  28. This is fraught with vulnerability and the fear of night - which, with the added terror or frigid temperatures, I think weighs more heavily upon us in winter. Brilliant writing.

  29. Brilliant! Your vivid imagery composes the experience of being trapped so convincingly!

  30. You have painted an enigma - love how the sun crows in coloured shades. Happy Christmas Grace - see you in the new year - & many thanks for all your efforts gathering in the anthology

  31. Wonderful poem and I love your header!

    Hope the New Year is happy and bright Grace. 😂💟🎀


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