Tuesday, March 31, 2015

The calling

Cut from Paper by Rogan Brown

the paper calls to her
as music
each layer, a minute scale
of spikes & thorns
soft & bending to
her fingers,  each delicate
strand, a white fire 
curving into
her womb, 
river, sun-
she is lost in this 
other world
at night

by day,
she folds the news paper 
its ink staining her gloves
she goes to work
measuring 7.5 hours into a cup
her fingers are fast
tip-tapping numbers 
& each time she crosses a line,
circles a key point,
the paper scratching the heel 
of her palm
is stiff & 

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  1. Ah, I do understand the 'call' of the paper--a different call at night than during the day. I like being 'lost in this other world at night.'

  2. There is definitely a contrast between the passion she gives way to at night and the coldness and stiffness of her working days. Obviously when the two are combined, life can be much more enjoyable.

  3. really lovely!! Love the picture too!

  4. The artwork in the photo is astonishing. Love the poem, and the contrast between the paper of work ("measuring 7.5 hours into a cup") and the paper of her creative nighttime hours. Very cool.

  5. The working days can sure suck any passion and life away

  6. What Sherry said. May we always here the calling no matter how many nhours are in our cups.

  7. Wav, Grace. I love this poem.
    The into is wonderful: the paper calls to her
    as music....


  8. two different sorts of paper... and even though it's the same material - one is duty - one is art - that def. makes a big difference

  9. a weave of stiff, dull days and the call to passionate art at night... just above every artist can relate :)

  10. as a retiree, I must say that for all of you still working toward the apex of Me-time, duty will become pursuit of Art, if not Art itself. Paper has always called to me, whispering, "cover me with your words, big boy; smear them all over me."
    &, of course, when duty calls, I respond.

  11. When calling - answer and never work again... ~ Nice word work with fingers&paper.

  12. Oh Grace, this poem is grace in motion as her fingers work the paper.

  13. The call of the paper, the smell of the ink...passion for it at night and during the day..routine. Getting by, passing the hours, doing what has to be done. But at night - oh the wonder of the love that goes into that paper, that irresistible call. Love, love, love this.

  14. There is wonderful imagery .. paper can be so evocative ...and the first 7 lines are just excellent

  15. WOW, this is striking!

  16. I can relate, Grace. One day, we can live to what our heart truly feels doing, and this 'other world' will gladly be spent not only at night. Smiles.

    Thanks for the 'Good luck' wish earlier. I have def. challenged myself hard doing the NPM project. Let's see how far can I go.

    - ksm

  17. There is a delicacy to these words that does more than justice to the beauty of the paper art....stunning!!

  18. I like this. The different callings of her life, one at work all day, the other at night. The paper art is amazing.

  19. Reminds me of the sometimes 24 hour stints that my wife does running a press at a newspaper.. paper.. paper.. paper.. is her world then..:)

    And print..:)

  20. How well you linked paper with music ... the first stanza sets the flow ... brilliant.

  21. your poem did great service to the art... lovely

  22. I think I understand. A burdensome job with paper during the day, and a loving art relation with paper as a vocation. Great contrast.

  23. the order of your two stanzas makes all the difference...if they were inverse, you would convey a mood of hope and joy...but in this order, the daytime makes it seem as if she is despairing...that paper has lost its joy. (I hope I'm not reading too much into this!)

  24. ah, that measure of time. brilliant conceit. ~

  25. Paper in the day time and the true use of paper at night. I understand that. One is working with paper and the other on paper. The latter is good the former pays the bills.

  26. Whatever your passion is, you really won't be able to ignore the call. The paper and the pen, sometimes the laptop for me. :)


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