Thursday, February 17, 2011

On staying positive: develop habits and interests that make you happy

One of my friends asked me how I can stay positive when confronted with rumors or negative talk from other people including those we read and hear about, including the internet chatter.

I have a simple solution - I tuned out the rumors and negative talk including “negative” internet sites. I don’t visit them because it’s a waste of my time, and not worth the aggravation or my emotional welfare. I want to have control over my thoughts and actions, so choosing which people, group or team or even internet site or forum, I want to be affiliated with, needs my careful consideration.   Just like choosing who to hang out with,  I like the company of people who are encouraging, positive and make me happy.

Since I use the computer a lot of the time (at work and at home specially now that it is winter), I avoid gossip blogs and sites that thrive in negative chatter or discussion. In my desire to learn about blogging, I have come across some good and entertaining blogs. The case in point is the photography community. I love landscape photography and beautiful pictures so joining the community of photographers is really heaven to me.  Here are some sites:

I would like to think that the way we see the world is a matter of perspective… it depends on where your eyes are looking at. Just like a photographer taking pictures,  we decide what images we want to capture with our camera.    Not that we should close our eyes to the other images in the background or not listen to a contrary opinion.   It is good to get a different perspective on things but it should be based on factual information and careful deliberation, not on idle chat and malice.   At the end, it all boils down to who you are listening to, and who you are believing.

What can you do to keep yourself positive and happy? Develop a habit or interest that keeps you happily absorbed in and makes you feel good about yourself for the next 30 days. Keep yourself busy  - learn or take up something new like a hobby or a skill or an exercise program like yoga or read articles from blogs that positively impacts you.  Before you know it, you will spend more and more time with the "new" habit or interest, just as you would with a friend who is great to be with.   I took up blogging and writing for my distractions and my cyber life is so exciting now.

The world is such a big place… there are still so many things to learn and discover. 

As for me, I am checking out the newest pics and blogs over at Cool Photography.

What about you?

picture credit: happythings.tumblr


  1. Blessings....

    I believe happiness is a choice and everyday we are confronted with the opportunity to choose to be happy. Happiness does not negate all the challenging experience one has have or will have it simply means you will not allow all the woes weigh you down in to a state of permanent Melancholy .

  2. That is a lovely comment ~ thank you.

    I agree with you that it is a choice, regardless of the circumstances that we are in. Even in the most despairing of moments we can choose to be joyful and thankful for all our blessings.

  3. Grace,
    That was AMAZING. Just what I needed to hear and definitely plan to put it into practice. Keep doing what you do because you are a breath of fresh air. I love reading what you have to say and I feel you practice what you preach.

  4. Thanks Tina. I appreciate your comments. Glad to help you in any way I can.

    See you!


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