Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Fishing for the moon

You are the fisherman crouching- 
rod, reel, cast nets, tackle, pliers- 
wearing boots and jacket to ward off
the chill of cold misty morning

Your face is quartered by floppy hat
with every flick and spin of your line
we are drawn to your bait 
until we're hooked to your side

You read our faces by single lamp 
Undisturbed by our weighty life dramas
But the funny thing is
you never reel us in, inside
your darkness, your mountains of mystery- 
your net is empty by dawn
as if you're satisfied with what you have-

we catch ourselves
waiting for your boat every midnight
always at a measured distance
content with star-gazing,  
feeding us with your flickering light,
and our dreams of a hundred cranes in sky

Posted for D'verse Poets Pub - Poetics:   Moon-muse.  Please join us when the pub opens at 3pm EST.  The prompt is to write about the moon as person.


  1. I love the tone of this.. it almost sounds like the moon is an attention seeking person... maybe more enabler for our dreams... a surface for the night.. the description of the fisherman is stunning.

  2. I just love all the images you have given of a fisherman, out fishing. I suppose you have been fishing in your day? :-) And I so love the thought of dreaming of a hundred cranes in the sky. Just marvelous.

  3. Another great personification. For sure, the moon has such power and influence over us--reeling us in to her magic.

  4. Quite nice..I've not thought of fishing related to the moon, but you got it down. I especially like the second stanza ;)

  5. I love the image of the moon as a fisherman with an empty net, Grace. Although, I think the fish are stars, escaping the net. That final stanza is so beautiful.

  6. The moon as a fisherman....certainly has us memorized. I especially love the last two lines - dreaming of a hundred cranes in the sky. What a site that would be!

  7. A very strong piece, & as noted, your closing line is killer. I am really enjoying being out on the trail, being treated to the many guises of Miss Luna.

  8. I agree, this is an exceptionally strong piece, rich in tone and imagery ❤ Beautiful work here, Grace ❤

    Lots of love,

  9. This is my absolute favorite line, in this stunning piece:
    "we catch ourselves"


  10. Wow!! this is beautifully done...loved the vivid images that you brought....!

  11. Gayle Walters RoseAugust 31, 2016 at 1:41 AM

    What an imaginative persona for your moon, Grace. Love the line "we catch ourselves"...how true, and that last line is beautiful.

  12. Grace, this is a wonderful poem. The moon is so alive as a fisher of men. Casting a net of wonder. I really just adore this line it made me smile.

    Your face is quartered by floppy hat

  13. Lovely! We are the fish who await the fisherman :-)

  14. The moon can sure reel one in as it glows for a nightly spin

  15. This is a gorgeous write. I love the imagery, especially the cranes in your last line.

  16. oh i like the fisherman image a lot - so down to earth and so dreamy at the same time..

  17. I really enjoyed this piece, everyone has covered it so well, but I wanted to add my two cents worth and say I love the personification of the moon as a fisherman, with his floppy hat shadowing his face and crouching in the misty sky throwing out his line until we are drawn in. Very nice, indeed. Thanks for sharing

  18. I've seen this depiction of the moon before and you've captured it so well! I took the bait!

  19. Strangely enough as
    Moonlit Men WilL glow..
    having to wear sHades
    in night of metro dance..
    and more.. then..
    seeing ClearLY A
    aCross a Carpenter's
    Park.. i swooped in with
    my wife.. ran across the field
    where some teens were having
    fun.. i don't know if they have
    ever seen a man at 233LBs with
    shades on chase the moon at night
    that fast.. but haha.. they all ran as fast
    as they could to tHeir car.. locked the doors..
    and a girl screamed oh my God we're gonna die..
    all for
    the Love
    of A Dancing
    moon man.. then..
    juSt to Capture the
    liGht of Father moon..
    with an iPhone5 back then
    as werewolves hoWl.. and teens flee..
    but the truth is.. if they couldn't use tHeiR
    eYes to see the moon for 66 months too..
    they would
    worship the
    beauty of moon
    like this too.. oh..
    the perspective
    of the blind man
    with finally now..
    moon site.. moreS.. iN SiGht..:)

  20. A dream sparked in elegance. Well done. Thank you

  21. Me never fish for the moon ... haven't done so since the 80's ... actually don't remember too much from back then, friend Grace ... but I remember my remaining friends ... and have fished and found some ... sweet ... smiles. Love, cat.

  22. A fisherman is a perfect character for a moon, sort of informal and quiet. =)

  23. The moon is watching over them, how sweet. Have a wonderful weekend and thank you for sharing your talent!

  24. Beautiful portrayal of the moon as a fisherman, Grace. I adore the imagery! I tried my hand at two more moon poems, in tribute to my namesake.

  25. The moon as fisherman content to not catch anything. This exudes the peacefulness of the true fisherman who is in the sport for the relaxation, not dinner.

  26. Love this! I have a son, who if it were at all possible, would spend his life by any bit of water fishing...even if there were no fish.


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