Monday, May 31, 2021

this poem


has lost count

of wilting lilacs leis

& awry summer spells

has curious eyes

for rust peeled colors

beneath glossy covers

has locksmith hands

on old clock 

while you

between teacup

stirrings & musings

wait for a phrase 

to cleave you         right

        as        light

Posted for dVerse Poets Pub - Quadrille #129, A Curiosity of Poems, hosted by De Jackson.   This is a 44 word post with the given word - curiosity.  Join us when the pub doors open at 3pm EST.  Thank you for the visit.


  1. I love this poem... it seems to have the right mind to maybe help a little bit to cleave it right... bring light to sate my curiosity

  2. Oh, Grace. You KNOW I loves me some "this poem" poems. And this one simply takes my breath away. Goodness. Love those "locksmith hands," especially.

  3. I like the form and shape of this Grace, particularly the cleaving at the end. Some phrases can do that!

  4. Grace, I always enjoy stepping through your word gardens.

  5. A delicate quadrille with a lovely layout, Grace. I love the ‘rust peeled colors beneath glossy covers’ and the ‘phrase to cleave you right as light’.

  6. Something about "locksmith hands on old clock" touched me in this mystical poem. 💗

  7. Nice quad, Grace. Love those locksmith hands.

  8. I love the flow in this one, Grace. It's almost haikai-esque in its weaving.

  9. Very nice Grace. I like the idea of a word cleaver!!

  10. Love this! Especially the notion of "waiting for a phrase to cleave you."

  11. cleave you right

    as light

    Love the visual presentation Grace!. It emphasised the 'split'


  12. locksmith hands, and the final cleaving. Very clever, enjoyed.

  13. oooooooooooh. bursting with colors (albeit with tenderness) and then cleaves. cleaves.

  14. This poem, this poem .... Love the beginning and every line that followed.


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