Thursday, October 8, 2020

Hope is a suffix with plexiglass


hope is free

hope is a breeze across an open field

hope is a spoonful

of trouble, laundry detergent & rain clouds

hope is tea

spilling on my hands

steeping my words with prefixes & suffixes

hope is you, 

in you

hope is the sun-

dress, flowers, shine, burst

of glass

when hope is lost

hope is a hoax

hope is not enough

hope is a golf ball

hope is a letter that never arrived

hope is (not) a thing with feathers

that sits on my table with porcelain doll

hope is a verb

hope is a muscle,

lungs, legs, arms, wings, claws, fingers

it is young woman who calls

Animal Services for help, waiting beside  

a convulsing squirrel on the side street

Posted for dVerse Poets Pub- MTB, List that Google Gives Us - Hosted by Bjorn Rudberg.  I used the tool, googlism to spark and find my poem.   


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  2. This is gorgeously rendered, Grace!💝 I especially love; "hope is a verb hope is a muscle, lungs, legs, arms, wings, claws, fingers." We must strive to play our role if hope is to spread.

  3. Your exploration of hope has made me feel more hopeful, Grace. I love the title! I particularly love the lines:
    ‘hope is tea
    spilling on my hands
    steeping my words with prefixes & suffixes’.

  4. A hopeful poem indeed, Grace. I like these two lines, first the first line alone, and then when added to the second line. Hope is contagious like those bubbles in the rain <3

    "hope is a spoonful"

    "of trouble, laundry detergent & rain clouds"

  5. Oh I love this... I can see the list and how you used it yet made it your own (and the not on feathers is really clever)

  6. I love this so much. It's so true as well. I really adore these lines and how honest they are:

    "hope is a spoonful

    of trouble, laundry detergent & rain clouds"

    It hit me hard. Wonderful, astounding work (as always). Brilliant take on the prompt. :)

  7. hope is a golf ball
    hope is a letter that never arrived

    Love the reference that normally confronts and confounds a golfer. It is frustrating. Well thought out Grace!


  8. I love the tone here, it definitely inspires hope, yet not without the realism of everyday life. I like that hope is not a porcelain doll, it is a muscle, a verb. Good stuff!

  9. I love how your description of hope evolves into and act of kindness compassion and love! Well done Grace!

  10. I love this poem. I love how you swing from the easy things to the hard. The ending is compelling. I smiled at the laundry detergent - how often I've had that hope - how often I've been let down...

  11. oh wow. oh wow. the list flows and flows and then ends with a bam! that vivid example there packs a punch.

  12. You make amazing how hope is found in the ordinary (a spoonful of laundry detergent), even the ordinary "you" that the poem forcefully addresses. Beautifully brilliant, Grace.

  13. Hope is a golf ball...loved this

  14. Lovely and flowing piece and I loved the finale.

  15. Hi Grace got a late start on this whole prompt but I’m finally getting around to my fellow poets. Really like what you did hear a pleasure to read.

  16. I love the beginning of that second stanza especially. Wonderful in both images and rhythm. (K)

  17. Great poem, me smiling in the morning! And I especially love the idea of
    "hope is a verb
    hope is a muscle".
    Something we can reinforce, summon, get better at, give and share and have and spread!
    Thank you for the spoonful of Hope and Joy!

  18. This phrase *hope is you / in you* really caught my attention. I think it's the conciseness and intensity. A really well written poem.

  19. Hope is .... everything you shared in this beautiful poem.

  20. Oh Grace....this is so well done! Some made me smile (laundry detergent and golf ball), others are visceral in their pain (that letter, the end one). Sometimes hope can be pain....or perhaps it is hope in the midst of pain? I do think it is a muscle....which reminds me of what our Aunt Flo used to say about exercise and ageing, "use it or lose it" --- think about that in terms of hope as a muscle :)


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