Thursday, February 21, 2019

(what music was this_train ride)

everyone else would mute 
     or numb their faces & bodies
     still as snow full moon
     while listening to music
     in their headphones

but not you
     you fold your arms 
     crosswise upon your chest
     thumping in synch with your heartbeat
     your fingers light as air

if only you could
     strip away your heavy
     winter coat & boots
     & sing it
     with butterfly wings

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  1. Loving this! Were you on the same commuter rail I was on yesterday that motivated my post today???? :)

  2. I love your observations on your commuter train... I can see that person who finds his own music... what a strength that is needed (though I expect people would find him crazy)

  3. A different drummer, indeed. I liked the lightness of the last stanza, making me see butterflies fluttering slow motion to classical music.

  4. I have a train ride to look forward to next Thursday. I love the story you tell in this poem, Grace, which is something I don’t see too often as I don’t commute. It reminds me of my husband, who listens to music all the time, he thumps, drums his fingers and sometimes hums the lead breaks! I, like Glenn, like the lightness of the final stanza.

  5. I love the longing in the last stanza! The idea of singing with butterfly wings is gorgeous!!❤️

  6. I very much enjoy this lively description of a person who is comfortable in their own skin.

  7. One might freeze if they stripped it all away today anyway haha

  8. Oh, I really love that final stanza--such delicacy. It's funny that you wrote of a commuter train, like Lillian and a snow moon like Björn, but something altogether different from either.

  9. I like the imagery of singing with butterfly wings :)

  10. People still do sing while on the subway or walking down the street...but not as frequently as used to be. It's a welcome sound!

  11. I have at least one son who likes to drum with fingers (pen, spoon,ruler) whenever he stops to hear his inner music.

  12. I love this. Every now and then I pull up beside one of these free spirits just sing away in their car as a light! Well done.
    Sing with butterfly wings...

  13. This is such celebration of freedom. Love it Grace!

  14. Folding one's arms crosswise while listening to music does seem to be a difficult way to enjoy it.

  15. your middle stanza describes a discontented person, the posture says it all, but he is a contradiction, he has fingers light as air, a riddle in a poem, nice Grace

  16. I really like the second stanza, especially
    "thumping in synch with your heartbeat
    your fingers light as air"
    Great visual.


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