Thursday, June 14, 2018

don't sweat over the small things

a paper cut
an unkind word
a stain of spilled wine 
a stubbed toe   
   sometimes small incidents can 
   torpedo an ordinary calm time 

but small things can also lift
and curtain a moment into a special 

a reassuring pat on
   the shoulder
a smidge of sunshine leafing through
    summer rain 
a patter of laughter cascading from   
a slice of homemade buttered bread   
    shared by a friend

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  1. This:
    "a smidge of sunshine leafing through summer rain" and that homemade slice of bread, fresh from the oven I hope.........
    this is all so delicious! :) Lessons for us all -

  2. I love the small things... that sunshine, and the shared bread.. but the stubbed toe is something is something I dread.

  3. Thank you Grace! Your poem has already made me feel better. :)

  4. This is beautiful!!❤️ Your poem makes me smile and dance across the room!

  5. I love this - especially when you mention the lovely small things of life like a homemade slice of bread!

  6. More sage advice; thanks. I have a tendency to over react to the small irritants; smile.

  7. A stubbed toe will get a swear word or three, but then on we go. Little things haha

  8. Superb! I too love the small things. this is a wonderful and wise poem Grace.

  9. Good point that small things can go both ways.

  10. Ah, lovely. the power of small things to change your day. Very wise.

  11. I love the buttered bread, the number of times that slice of bread has tasted so good. Thanks for this. XXXX

  12. Small things can mean so much. Lovely!

  13. Oh that slice of homemade bread- a trip to nostalgia land yay!!!


  14. A deliciously written set of juxtapositions Grace and a treat to read... Over here we might have said 'spilt' rather than 'spilled' wine - which in context here may be more poetic - dunno???

  15. I love this poem Grace! There is always room for an encouraging pat on the back or kind word.

  16. Uplifting. This is my favorite part, "but small things can also lift
    and curtain a moment into a special day" I like the visual of a moment starting fresh by a dropped curtain.

  17. A beautiful reminder, Grace! Thank you.


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