Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Traveler's heart

Give me 
autumn's billowing wind
Ruffling falling leaves to wet canvas 
I am blue butterfly trifling the wheat fields
Up north, I travel to gaze snow-capped mountains
Down south, I gather shells & listen to sun-lit chimes

I flicker back and forth between cities and seasons
To the east, I drink green tea & feast on pink lotus
To the west, I sip ripe wine & study cathedrals
My luggage is not yet filled of souvenirs
 With colorful shirts and silver spoons 
Like clouds, I will not rest, not yet
For I have a traveler's 

Photo Credit:   Brooke Shaden

Posted for D'verse Poets Pub - Poetics:   Tangled in Traveler's Heart


  1. Grace, you are so incredibly talented. Every single one of your poems always touches me. This one is so beautiful. You even wrote it in the form of an autumn leaf. I love how it tells the story of one of the butterflies in that amazing picture. I've never looked at it that way, but butterflies never settle anywhere, they do feel wanderlust I'm sure :) Thank you for sharing this amazing poem with us. I hope you are having a wonderful day. Lots of hugs to you!
    And thank you so much for your sweet and kind comments <3

  2. What a wonderful concrete poetry... so very hard to do well, I love how you have used the directions to make this real.. like direction of a wind.. truly one that made me smile.

  3. I like the persistent drive behind this Grace one thing flowing into another like an anxiousness to just go. Smiles...>KB

  4. Like how it keeps on a trucking. Sometimes a wanderlust can take one far

  5. Sorry Grace that first poem I posted I think I posted once before. I've take it down. >KB

  6. This made me think of enjoying travel again. I love the thought of being a butterfly and travelling and seeing all the miraculous sights. One can feel the go go go in this!!!! Lovely lines, lovely form, lovely work.

  7. This is soo beautiful..! Love the opening lines :D

  8. What a stunning, emotive poem! The shape, the movement, the feeling.....it is utterly lovely from start to finish...and the way that last word, wanderlust, has motion is so elegant. I love it.

  9. Such a beautiful poem that captures the magic of travelling so eloquently. I love the layout and the way the word wonderlust flies like a bird's wing across the page. Suzanne of Art and Life

  10. Pretty! You're amazing how you play with the words. I love this

    I am blue butterfly trifling the wheat fields

  11. Wouldn't it be fun to travel all over and never be done collecting memories?

  12. Oh that's such a cool shape poem.. I've never tried one before, looks really challenging!

  13. I love the shape, but more I love the imagery you share. So, fluid and life like-

  14. This is great, Grace...love the shape and how the 'wanderlust' trails down. Also, loved how you included the different directions of travel and what might be found there. I love to collect a little something from wherever I may go as a remembrance.

  15. A beautiful, fun, whimsical concrete poem--and perfect accompaniment to Brooke Shaden's art!

  16. Wanderlust.. an outer
    and inner journey
    too for me.. now..
    where no ends
    and beginnings
    are real in
    a pace of
    life is free..:)

  17. The shape of the balloon with the string blowing gives just the right picture of the writing within it.Nicely done Grace and sentiments i can relate to or at least did at one time or another.

  18. Beautifully set Grace! The 'wanderlust' in an untypical way creates lots of movements, very much into a traveling mode!


  19. Grace, to follow the flittings of a blue butterfly in all directions makes your poem a heavenly kind of wanderlust! I wasn't sure if the shape was a leaf, balloon, (or sperm cell?) but very intriguing ;)

  20. I love the words and the photo is perfect for this.

  21. Oh, the wanderlust, I do identity with that. I like your poems and your photos are incredible


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