Thursday, January 12, 2012

Flower of love

blue purple flowers grew

in dark room, corner edge

towering ceiling with large heads,
stems slender with lily like blooms

roots clustered to bloom fertility,
strong healthy children,  a view  

she believed  

until one late summer, during a thunder
storm, she took pen, writing feverishly

faced with a choice, she chose

over having children     

Posted for the Imaginary Garden with Real Toads:   Write a flowery poem in an un-flowery 
way and Flash Fiction Friday - For the G-man.  Also shared with Poets United:   choices.

Facts about this flower:
Agapanthus is considered to be both a magical and a medicinal plant, and the plant of fertility and pregnancy. Xhosa women use the roots to make prenatal medicine, and they make a necklace using the roots that they wear as a charm to bring healthy, strong babies. The Zulu use agapanthus to treat heart disease, paralysis, coughs, colds, chest pains and tightness. It is also used with other plants in various medicines taken during pregnancy to ensure healthy children, or to augment or induce labor. It is also used as a love charm and by people afraid of thunderstorms, and to ward off thunder.

picture credit:   here


  1. wow tough choice....really tough choice....i would say that what we write are in many ways like our children...i dont know if they give the same kind of joy though...

  2. A choice to be sure that some have made others not having the choice.
    Beautiful as the agapanthus

  3. Great example of Kerry's prompt! Thanks for educating me on Agapanthus flowers... they are beautiful.

  4. Really tough choice. Beautiful flowers. great use of the prompt and 55.

  5. Wow. What a painful choice to have to make. Great write.

  6. Wow. This is lovely and strong. Some lead "unconventional" lives. Others wish they did. :) Children, marrying isn't for everyone. I've known a few life long bachelors and ... spinsters... what is the name for a woman who doesnt' marry? Bachelor seems to me a choice HE made, but spinster seems to bring up " she wasn't chosen" ...

    but I digress

    they seem very happy and content and lead busy lives.

  7. True angst and what a delving in to the nature of parenthood and writing.

  8. Grace...
    We can always second guess ourselves.
    I've made some Doozies!!
    Very reflective 55 My Friend
    Top Notch!!
    Thanks for playing, and have a Kick Ass Week-End

  9. Choices are tough sometimes, but there's nothing wrong with an unconventional choice. Great write.

  10. This is beautiful...we never know what will spark our choices...I have two children, but my poems are my literary children.

  11. Excellent piece. I love flowers and the meanings they hide inside their petals and stems, culturally and individually. I really like the direction you took this piece, got very philosophical there at the end, at least that's how I captured the essence. The idea of choosing words and writing over children is strong. I have often had the feeling like my words are like children themselves, so just love how that personal concept really can be applied here for me. Thanks

  12. A decision I took - although I'm not sure it was a conscious decision. Great 55.
    My 55 are here.

  13. The interesting and difficult choice at the end came as an unexpected twist.

  14. ugh..tough decision...glad that for most of us it's possible to have both...

  15. Two such different creations - both have their joys and their sorrows.

  16. I love the picture and the story behind the flower. Sometimes making choices are the hardest things we do in our lives.

  17. Well expressed and I loved your explanatory notes at the end. You wrote this powerfully and the end was a surprise.

  18. Gosh, for me that would be the hardest choice.
    I love writing but my children are my life!

    Excellent write!
    Thank you!

  19. I'd not swap my children for a pen, that's for sure...Luckily I didn't have to make an 'either/or/ decision.

  20. What a surprise ending! Leaves me thinking for sure!


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