Friday, June 10, 2011

Full of sunshine

I was expecting a lot of sun and warm weather lately as it is summer.  But on some nights, it is still cold, along with the rain and dark clouds.

I guess that's the way life is...  you expect certain events and situations to happen, and sometimes it doesn't turn out to be like that.       This is applicable  to my life right now as I didn't get the job post I was applying for last week.  I was disappointed but I think I made the right decision to stretch myself to see what is out there.  I am thankful I do have a stable job and love the people I work with right now.   As to my recent exam results, I will know in about 2 weeks. Hopefully I pass, and I can move on to another challenge.   

All in all, the past few days wasn't too bad.   I was expecting sunshine all the way through, but the rain has been good for Mother Earth.   I see the trees in their full splendour and the garden blooming with flowers (specially my red roses). Yes, life can be full of sunshine.  

So, how was your week?   Hope you all have a good weekend ~

picture credit:    happythings.tumblr

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